Other eServices

Premier Members CU offers other eServices that are complementary to the rest of our Online Access services.

Check Images & Re-Ordering

Images for your paper checks dating back 13 months are available within Online Banking on your transaction history pages.

Order Checks

To re-order checks visit any Premier Members CU branch or call the member services team at 303.657.7000.

Account Alerts

The more you are aware of your account activity, the better you will manage your finances. With Account Alerts you can have account activity alerts sent to your email the same day it happens.

Alert Types Include:

  • Daily Balance Alert – Sends your daily balance to your email at a specified time for a specified account
  • Balance Alert – Informs you of your balance when it drops below/exceeds a specified amount
  • Check Cleared – Informs you when a specified check clears your account
  • Reminder Alert – General alert for anything of your choosing for any date/time

Online Account/Loan Opening

Open both additional deposit accounts and loan accounts from within Online Banking from the comfort of your home and receive a decision within one business day. These online applications are also available without logging into Online Banking, however, logging in first will expedite the application process as some of your information will be pre-populated.

Apply for a Loan 

Spending Reports

Just like popular products such as Quicken and MSMoney, this software will track your spending by category and generate graphs/charts showing your spending history. Additionally, the software allows you to setup savings goals and contains full budgeting software. The software is free and is included free as part of Online Banking.

View Online Banking User Guide

Money HQ Account Aggregation

Consolidate and view all of your online accounts from different financial relationships — banks, credit unions, investments, credit cards, utility companies and more — view all of your available online bills, and easily transfer money between accounts and individuals at different financial institutions with Money HQ.

How it works

Money HQ logs into your online financial accounts on your behalf, using the log-in information you provide when you enroll in the service. Your account information is securely transmitted from these sites, aggregated (consolidated), and displayed in the Accounts page of Money HQ.


  • Monitor all your accounts at a glance and view account statements in one convenient, secure location
  • Securely transfer funds between your PMCU accounts and any of your accounts at other financial sites
  • Securely send funds to another person at Premier Members CU or another financial institution
  • Consolidate, organize and view bill information from credit card companies, utilities and other organizations offering online viewing of bills
  • Receive account balance and bill due-date alerts

Address Change Request

Process your address change quickly and easily via Online Banking from the “My Profile” tab in the Online Banking main menu.