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At Premier Members Credit Union, we believe in being the artisans of transparency and having our members fully understand their role in the credit union. We are owned and controlled by our members, giving you decision power. We are also a not-for-profit, meaning we promote the well-being of our members in the form of higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

To ensure your ownership in the credit union, we require you to maintain $5 in the membership savings account. Please think of this as your ownership stake in the credit union, allowing us to artfully craft financial products and services that promote your overall well-being.

New Personal Accounts

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New Business Accounts

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Existing Personal & Business Members

Sign in to your account

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A minimum deposit of $5 to establish your membership savings account
  • Driver’s License/State ID or Passport
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Information on any Joint Account Owners, Beneficiaries, Business Owners or Responsible Individuals

New members can also open accounts at any of our branch locations.

For special accounts, here’s what you’ll need:

Minor Account

  • State Issued ID or Passport, otherwise Birth Certificate is required
  • Tax ID Number
  • Student ID Card with year and photo as well as Birth Certificate

Estate Account

  • The deceased individual or the personal representative must be an existing member
  • Colorado Court certified copy Letters of Testamentary
  • Letter from IRS issuing Tax ID Number for the estate

Trust Account

  • Grantor or Trustee must be an existing member
  • Trust document or Certification of Trust with notarizations if applicable

Business Account

  • Business must be registered inside the State of Colorado
  • Copies of business documentation filed with the State of Colorado. Documentation differs based on the structure of the business.

All documentation required is subject to change without advanced notice. All accounts are subject to membership qualification.

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