Pillars of Being Premier


Improving the financial literacy of our youth and educating younger generations on how to prepare for financial independence is a staple of the Premier Members experience.

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Premier Members offers financial literacy programs in area high schools.

Premier Youth is one of the credit union’s six pillars. In fact, the credit union is committed to teaching kids at the right time and in the right way to master the art of money.

It’s never too soon to learn about money. But our financial system with its W-4s, FAFSAs and other oddly named documents and complicated terminology is so unapproachable that teens (and all humans for that matter) often don’t want to talk about it or think about it.

Unfortunately, learning about money isn’t optional – it’s a matter of learning the hard way or the easy way, and way too many of us learn the hard way.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to equip students of the next generation with the knowledge and resources they need. We’ll help detangle the jargon and take a look behind the curtain at things like student loans, overdraft fees and all the other numbery things. We’re here to make learning about money approachable and maybe even…just a little bit…dare we say it…fun. Because having an understanding of all 360 degrees of your finances can be empowering.

Youth Accounts

For more information on the youth products we offer, please visit our Youth Accounts page.