Pillars of Being Premier



We procure over 300,000 kWh of renewable energy annually to run our operations.


Donated $35,000 to sustainability-related causes in 2021.


We diverted over 17,000 pounds of electronics waste from members since 2021.

Creating a sustainable organization means that we must value the communities in which we operate, the people we serve, and the nature we rely on as much as we value our ability to thrive and grow as an organization.

At Premier Members, we began our sustainability journey many years ago, and proudly continue to support our communities today. We will always strive to increase the adoption of sustainable practices across Colorado’s Front Range.

Sustainable Efforts

Our leadership & teams are continually looking for ways to spread the adoption of sustainable practices across our organization & branches, as well as improve how we operate. This site is dedicated to sharing our actions, and inviting you & our partners to engage with us on this journey. Here’s to creating a greener future together!

Our Sustainability Mission

To change what sustainability means in the financial industry by handcrafting a future alongside our community to ensure we’re all here for each other in the long-term, while still supporting our local areas today.

To find out more about our progress and actions that we are taking, please view our latest report!

View Sustainability Report (PDF)

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As the Artisans of Banking, we view ourselves as much more than just tellers, loan officers and executives – we’re stewards of our community because we love living here, too. So, we’ve put together some ways to show you what actions you can take in your own lifestyle at home, work and in our community. Have any solutions of your own that you’d like to share with the community? Send your ideas to us at Garrett Chappell ([email protected]) and it could end up on this page! 


Sustainability isn’t just a talking point for us, it’s part of who we are as the Artisans of Banking. It’s something that we try to embody every day, not just at an event or with a one-time donation. We’ve taken a few steps on our journey, and we’re proud to share them with you.

Sustainability Goals


Baseline (2018)

Goal (2021)

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78,747 pages printed per month (2019)


Reduction in paper printing against baseline

solar panel icon


1,189,970 KWH (2018)


Reduction in energy use against baseline

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Natural Gas

17,481 THERMS(2018)


Reduction in natural gas against baseline

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5 PACE Certified Locations (2018)


PACE Certifiable status at all Premier Members locations


2,060,925 (2018)


Reduction in water use against baseline

For Our Members

We love that our members are as into sustainability as we are, so we want to mention a few ways that you can be more eco-friendly just by how you bank. If you have suggestions for us, please let us know at Garrett Chappell ([email protected]).

  • Sign up for e-Statements and our renovated Digital Banking.
    The days of printing everything can be over if you want them to be. Our renovated Online Banking and Mobile Banking platforms make your digital experience feel like you’re walking into your neighborhood branch, but with added layers of security and much less paper. Your statements are kept in an online archive for up to 7 years and you can avoid the hassle of wasting paper, checks and stamps when paying bills. Sign up today!
  • Checks on Recycled Paper.
    We understand, some people just want to feel the paper in between their fingers, no problem. If you’re a tactile person, please consider choosing the Recycled Checks option on your next re-order.


It takes a village, and we’re proud to be part of a swiftly growing sustainable community that shares our core belief of developing a future that we can all share. Let us introduce you to our partners, and please support them if you can. Our collaborative innovation on sustainable solutions knows no bounds!

city of longmont

City of Longmont

The City of Longmont Sustainable Business Program‘s goal is to support and recognize businesses in the local community making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental impact, act socially responsible and contribute to the economic vitality of Longmont.

City of Louisville Logo

City of Louisville

The City of Louisville Green Business Program awards local businesses for their sustainability, and we’re grateful to have been honored since 2019. They also put on webinars and networking events to help businesses, and provide a host of other green energy programs.

City of Westminster logo

City of Westminster

Established in 2020, The City of Westminster SAGE program recognizes businesses for their efforts in driving sustainability through their operations and culture. They’re always looking for more business to help guide through the process, and they even have sustainability resources for residents.

City of Longmont lol

Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center

Agrivoltaics is co-developing the same area of land for both solar power as well as for agriculture. At the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center, which partners with Jack’s Solar Garden, we support educational tours for students and teachers to learn about the benefits.

Jacks Solar Garden Logo

Jack's Solar Garden

Jack’s Solar Garden, is a nationally-known community solar panel “farm” that we procure roughly 250,000 kWh of renewable energy from each year. Their agrivoltaic approach to community solar studies the impacts on water usage, crop yield and quality, and natural habitat restoration under elevated solar panels. One of our most unique partnerships, they’re leading the agrivoltaic movement in Boulder (and the US).

City of Longmont lol


Partners for A Clean Environment provides free expert advisor services, financial incentives and a certification program in Boulder County to help businesses measure and gain recognition for their energy, waste, water and transportation achievements. We’re proud to be a PACE Partner.

City of Longmont lol

United in Sustainability

United in Sustainability is a consortium of credit unions focused on creating a sustainable future. As a group, we strategize new products and engagement across our supply chains, develop tools for scaling sustainable efforts, and share best practices. This effort is headed up by the United Nations Federal Credit Union in New York.

City of Longmont lol

Women in Sustainabilty

At Women in Sustainability, we provide a safe place for like-minded individuals to connect and learn in order to fight climate change and social injustice. We welcome women and allies working, studying, or pursuing sustainability during all stages of their sustainability journey. All industries and sustainability thought leaders are welcome to join the WIS community. We need everyone’s voice heard so we can work together to find common ground for a better future. Collectively, we know we can make a difference, and the time to act is now.

City of Longmont lol

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy has a host of programs for their customers, from rebates and incentives, to clean energy programs, to auditing services. We’ve conducted energy audits at seven of our branches and continue to implement solutions to reduce our energy footprint.


When we say we’re active in building a sustainable future with our community, this is what we mean. Take a look at some of our projects that we’re currently working on with local organizations.

solar panels in field

Community solar

We’ve subscribed to approximately 350,000 kWh of community solar in Boulder and Pueblo, helping increase the amount of renewable energy in the utility mix, and supporting adoption of renewables throughout Colorado.

solar panels in field


As the pandemic increased our need for disposable personal protective equipment for branch employees and members, we identified a nitrile glove recycling program in partnership with Kimberly Clark called RightCycle. We have been able to recycle over 135 lbs. of gloves so far, and continue to recycle through this program as possible.

solar panels in field

Zero waste

Our 2021 Earth Day event at our Arapahoe branch collected over 27,000 pounds of electronics to break down and divert from the landfill. Over 600 members and employees dropped off during the week, in what was stated as the most successful private collection event held in partnership with Eco-Cycle.

In addition, every Premier Members branch has zero waste stations for employees and members.  We collect recycling and compost, and divert over 25,000 pounds from landfill each year.

solar panels in field

Water audits and irrigation savings

By conducting water audits through Resource Central’s commercial Slow the Flow program, we’ve been able to reduce our water usage by over 20% across our enterprise since 2018 (over 500,000 gallons per year).

solar panels in field

PACE certified for waste at all Boulder county locations

We’ve subscribed to approximately 350,000 kWh of community solar in Boulder and Pueblo, helping increase the amount of renewable energy in the utility mix, and supporting adoption of renewables throughout Colorado.