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Updated online and mobile banking are coming soon.

We’ve been busy renovating our Online Banking and Mobile Banking to make your digital experience feel as handcrafted as if you were walking into one of our branches.

We’re making our final tweaks and you can expect to see it later this fall.

Here are the new Mobile App features you can expect:

  • Access your statements
  • Add new products and apply for loans
  • Manage and view recurring bill payments
  • Pending payments and deposits will be available
  • View all accounts in one view
  • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
  • View your check images
  • Schedule payments in Bill Pay or External Transfers to manage your accounts all in one system

And the new features for Online Banking you can expect:

  • Add accounts from participating financial institutions to view balances and payment due dates
  • Schedule payments in Bill Pay or External Transfers to manage your accounts in one system
  • Create and manage a budget of all your accounts
  • Add additional accounts as overdraft sources
  • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
  • Order new checks and stop payments
  • Set your desktop background from a variety of templates
  • Enhanced security with one-time passcodes via text, email and phone
  • Add additional accounts for overdraft protection

During this conversion, there are some important dates and information for you to know about.

Conversion Day

  • The system conversion will begin at midnight on Monday, October 26th and will end at 9:00 AM MDT on Tuesday, October 27th.
  • Mobile and Online Banking will not be available during this time.
  • You will continue to access online banking through after conversion.
  • Online Banking and Mobile functionality will be available at 9 AM MDT on October 27th.
  • Bill Pay access will follow with availability by 3 PM MDT on October 27th.

First Login after Conversion

  • Your Username will remain the same.
  • You will be required to accept new disclosures when logging in and to access specific features.

Online Banking Scheduled Transfers

  • All online banking transfers with a due date scheduled in the mobile or desktop application up to October 26th will be completed in the current Online Banking platform.
  • Transfers scheduled after October 26th will be converted to the new system.
  • New recurring transfers and changes to existing recurring transfers cannot be created after October 20th.

Bill Payments

  • Your scheduled bill payments from October 27th forward will be converted to the new system.
  • Your Payees will be converted. Make sure all payee information, including address and account numbers (13 or 15-digit MICR) are updated. Please removed any used payees.
  • The new system will only allow one Bill Pay profile per member Tax ID. Please consolidate your Bill Pay information to ensure only one Bill Pay profile is maintained and disable the others.
  • eBills will not be converted and will need to be re-established. Please wait two to three weeks to allow the previous Bill Pay provider to notify your eBill payees and cancel the current enrollment.
  • Please save your Bill Pay history for future reference. Six (6) months of history will be available on October 27th.
  • Bill Payments with a due date up to October 26th will be completed on the current system.
  • You will not be able to access the Bill Pay feature after October 20th.
  • The Bill Payment system will be available October 27th by 3 PM MDT.


  • You will need to enroll for eStatements and eNotices to view them during your first login to the new system. You can do this any time after the conversion through our Online Banking.

Inactive Accounts

  • Members that have not logged in in the past 15 months as of October 27th will not have a new profile created. You can always register for Online Banking after the conversion.

Duplicate Accounts

  • Only one Online Banking profile will be converted for each member based on your social security number. Please deactivate any unused profiles by calling us prior to October 20th when we will go into read-only mode.

Mobile Deposit

  • Mobile Deposit functionality will continue to be available until midnight on October 26th.

Transaction History

  • Transaction history in our core system will continue to be available after conversion. Please save any history you need for tax and other purposes.

Minors 12 and under

  • Parents should be aware that that data is being collected as if they were an adult. Minors 12 years of age and under will no longer be able to log into online banking.


  • You must update your Quicken/Quickbooks profile prior to midnight on October 26th, 2020. After completing your last download, save a copy of your data in a secure place on your computer. Then, deactivate your profile to prepare for connection to the new Online Banking. On October 27th, 2020 reactivate your profile.

Account Nicknames

  • Account Nicknames will transfer into the new system.


  • Alerts will not be converted and will need to be re-established in the new system.

Mortgage Payments

  • You will have a new view for your PMCU Mortgage Payment history and payment options. Payments currently scheduled will continue to be made. Centennial Lending mortgages will continue to be managed on the Centennial Lending website.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 303.657.7000.