Sustainability isn’t just a talking point for us, it’s part of who we are as the Artisans of Banking. It’s something that we try to embody every day, not just at an event or with a one-time donation. We’ve taken a few steps on our journey, and we’re proud to share them with you.

Sustainability Goals

Baseline (2018)

Goal (2021)


78,747 pages printed per month (2019)

25% Reduction in paper printing against baseline


1,189,970 KWH (2018)

12% Reduction in energy use against baseline

Natural Gas

17,481 THERMS(2018)

10% Reduction in natural gas against baseline


5 PACE Certified Locations (2018)

100% PACE Certifiable status at all Premier Members locations


2,060,925 (2018)

25% Reduction in water use against baseline


We love that our members are as into sustainability as we are, so we want to mention a few ways that you can be more eco-friendly just by how you bank. If you have suggestions for us, please let us know at [email protected] .

  • Sign up for e-Statements and our renovated Digital Banking.
    The days of printing everything can be over if you want them to be. Our renovated Online Banking and Mobile Banking platforms make your digital experience feel like you’re walking into your neighborhood branch, but with added layers of security and much less paper. Your statements are kept in an online archive for up to 7 years and you can avoid the hassle of wasting paper, checks and stamps when paying bills. Sign up today!
  • Checks on Recycled Paper.
    We understand, some people just want to feel the paper in between their fingers, no problem. If you’re a tactile person, please consider choosing the Recycled Checks option on your next re-order.