Auto Loan Savings

More car. More care. More cash back.

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It’s like a U-turn for your wallet. When you refinance your Auto Loan from another financial institution with us,
and apply by May 15, you have two options:

Get $400 cash back*


We will discount your current interest rate by 0.75% APR+. For example, if your current interest rate is 5.75% APR, when you refinance with us, your new rate would be 5.00% APR+.

We’d say that’s worth turning around for.

Your 2 Options, *Option 1: Premier will pay $400 for each refinance that is funded provided the loan amount is $10,000.00 or higher. +Option 2 Discount your current rate. Member must provide proof of their existing interest rate at the other institution in the form of a statement, original closing documents, or letter from institution. The floor rate is 2.75%. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates advertised are only available for qualifying applications. Loan payment example for APR of 5.00% for a $30,000 auto loan over a 60-month term, monthly payments would be $566.14.

*+Only available for direct refinanced auto loans from other institutions. Open Lending/Fast Track deals do not qualify. Limited credit loans do not qualify. Not available to CUDL-indirect transactions. Other credit qualifications also apply and must be met to qualify. Available on auto refinances only. Vehicles must be 2012 or newer. Does not apply to Recreational Vehicle or motorcycles. Not available for refinances on loans already held at PMCU. Rates subject to change. Membership at PMCU is required for loan. Minimum credit score of 660 required. Max term is up to 75 Months for both options. Must fund and process at PMCU. Member must apply for the loan by 5/15/2022 in order to be eligible for the promotional cash back or rate discount. All loans must be funded by end of business on 5/31/2022 in order to be eligible for the promotional cash back or rate discount. Federally insured by the NCUA.